Le message du Président obama to Muslims à l’occasion du Ramadan

Le message du President obama to Muslims à l’occasion du Ramadan

Thank God President Obama took the time to understand what was going on before taking precipitated action. He was lucid enough to realise that what is happening in Iraq is much more complicated than it looks. Any other Western leader would have thrown themselves into the arms of Iran after the Sunni rebellion in Iraq despite the fact that it is the policies of Iran which contributed to the creation of these militias. Iran’s interference in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq in favour of groups of Shia denomination which persecute Sunni populations have given the Sunni Muslims of those countries no other choice but to arm themselves. Iran has helped establish, and actively supported Shia paramilitary groups in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Iran’s active support for the Assad regime, against the will of the majority Sunni population of Syria, has permitted the radicalisation of the Sunni population which has no other choice than to fight for their lives when facing slaughter at the hands of Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah fighters. In Iraq, the Prime Minister Maliki has allowed Iran to control all the intelligence services of Iraq. The Bassidj militia, which has been killing Sunni Muslims in Iraq for the past decade, was also an Iranian creation. Maliki has conducted purges in the Iraqi military similar to the purges of Joseph Stalin in the former Soviet Union. Sunni officiers were dismissed and replaced by Shia officiers with no experience. Some of the Shias of Iraq
fought alongside Iran during the Iran-Iraq war and were considered traitors by the people of Iraq. After the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the power was given to these same groups as they were very cooperative. This was a real ticking time-bomb left in Iraq by George W. Bush against the advice of the likes of Jacques Chirac. Thank God President Obama was lucid and realised the problem was much more complicated than it appeared.

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